Monthly Archives: May 2016

ESP8266 Weather, The Shim is In! – Step 2

Welcome back, it’s now time to move on to the hardware which is step 2 of this 4 step plan I laid out previously. As I mentioned before, the new Avatar main board came in so fast I ended up showing it back in the step 1.2 article.

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ESP8266 Weather, Guage IRQ Debounce – Step 1.7

Welcome back once again, this should conclude the Step 1 series as we will have covered all the weather station algorithm prototyping topics. Today’s discussion is on how to count the switch contact closures for both the rain and wind speed gauges. The Sparkfun Photon Weather shield connected to the optional weather gauges is setup to create pulses to represent rainfall and wind speed.

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ESP8266 Weather, Counter Timers and Time – Step 1.6

Alright tech fans it’s time to press on with this weather station project. I know the last two articles we have been discussing a lot of gritty details and binary numbers. Now its time to leverage some of that stuff like rollovers and LSB values grater than one to help us keep track of time.

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