Monthly Archives: April 2016

ESP8266 Weather, 2’s Complement and Signs – Step 1.5

Alright, time for the next step in this building a Weather Station with an ESP8266 based Avatar remote module. Last time we discussed how to interpret data from the I2C interfaced sensors. We talked about fixed point unsigned and signed integers and briefly talked about sign extension when moving signed values from integers with less bits to integers with more bits.

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ESP8266 Weather, 8 Bit Micro Tricks – Step 1.4

Welcome back, last time we discussed the actual I2C data access of the Temperature/Humidty and Pressure/Altitude sensors. This time I want to talk about how to interpret and store the values read from the devices. The first thing I’ve noticed is there seems to be some confusion on the format of the values read.

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ESP8266 Weather, reading the I2C Sensors – Step 1.3

Welcome back once again its time for the next article on building an Avatar ESP8266 based module interfaced to the Sparkfun Photon weather shield and weather sensors. I realized that I jumped the gun with showing of the new PCB in the last article as I planned on getting the PCB out for fab and then writing up the 1.x series articles on the interface algorithms running using my solder-less breadboard prototype.

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