Monthly Archives: July 2015

ESP8266 – Step 3.1 Hardware Design

Alright, it’s time to move on to the Hardware Design phase of my ESP8266 project. To summarize phase 2 I built a software prototype using our Java based Avatar Simulator and an ESP8266 module connected via a USB to serial interface. If you haven’t been following along you may want to review phase 2 starting here.

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ESP8266 – Step 2.6 SoftAP Mode

In the previous article I mentioned it was the final of the ESP8266 step 2 series, however I ended up modifying the Avatar Monitor Android prototype application to support sending Wifi configuration information. This allowed me to test bringing up a new module defaulting into SoftAP mode. Since it’s the Java code produced as the output of Step 2 that is running on the Avatar Module Simulator that’s being tested,

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ESP8266 – Step 2.5 UDP interface code

Ok time for another installment of this ESP8266 series, last week we talked about how to demux the received data from the ESP8266 module into separate buffers for each category of input data. This time we’ll focus on the API calls that abstract away the AT command interface and show how they use those demuxed buffers in the logic that implements each API call.

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