Monthly Archives: May 2015

ESP8266 – Step 2 UDP Primer

Ok welcome back, well we beat the TCP vs. UDP usage to death in the last article, if you haven’t read the last article you might want to review it first. To recap, UDP is User Datagram Protocol, back in the day of network hubs we would sometimes refer to UDP as Unreliable Data Protocol.

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ESP8266 – Step 2 UDP vs TCP Review

If you read the first article on my ESP8266 endeavor you know the plan was to do a four part series, and step 2 was to modify our Avatar simulator to configure an ESP8266 rather than use the PC Ethernet interface. While in the process of modifying the simulator it became apparent that it was going to be a lot of material to cover in one article.

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ESP8266 Prototype – Step 1

Welcome back, I’ve had a chance to work with my ESP8266 module and become familiar with its commands. I used the RealTerm terminal emulation program to issue the AT commands and read the responses. If you’re not familiar with RealTerm you can find a link to it on our Tools web page.

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