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Structural Model – Part 3

Our final article on Structural Modeling is going to cover the separation and interaction of Control Applications and Avatar Framework Applications.

Let’s first discuss what a Framework Application is. These will be similar to a Control Application; however their existence is simply to provide a means to some sort of task that needs to be done for setup or maintenance of the Framework.

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Structural Model – Part 2

Alright, it’s time for another discussion on our Structural Model. Last time we started off the Structural Model series with a problem domain diagram. Now we move into our structural diagrams.

We have already established that we want to be able to sense and control a large physical area,

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Structural Model – Part 1

OK, it’s time to dig into the structural model. If you remember from the requirements articles, it was mentioned that the Framework, is indeed just that, a framework that we’ll create to allow specific control applications to use the frame work to create control systems. That means the Framework is going to be a sub piece of an overall wider scope system.

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